Friday, October 24, 2014

First Day of NC In-Person Early Voting Nets 118K

North Carolina's start to in-person early voting witnessed 118,063 voters come out to cast their ballots.  In comparison to this point in 2010, with seven extra days for voters to have cast ballots and with 252,000 votes cast then, we're at 47 percent of where we were at this point in the last mid-term election.

The break-downs of early voters so far shows Democrats at their traditional numbers:

In-Person early votes cast by registered Democrats were 51 percent, registered Republicans were 29 percent, and registered unaffiliated & Libertarian voters were 20 percent.

In comparing the trend line against the 2010 in-person early voting:

As we will probably see the numbers slightly adjust over the next few days, the early indications are that registered Democrats are performing at their traditional percentage levels for in-person early voting.  In just one day of in-person early voting, registered Democrats have doubled their mail-in returned and accepted ballots.

In terms of mail-in ballots, the following graphs show the trends that have been posted at this blog: