Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Requested NC Mail-In Absentee Ballots Close to 75K

As we get ready to see how in-person early voting hits the polls in North Carolina, starting on Thursday, October 23, the number of mail-in absentee ballot requests are close to crossing the 75,000 mark, a significant increase over 2010's nearly 46,000 requests this same day prior to the election.

Among these requested ballots, registered Republicans have expanded their share of the requests, to 44 percent while registered Democrats are at 32 percent and registered unaffiliated voters are at 24 percent.

Women are 56 percent of the requested ballots, ticking up slightly over the past few days, while men are 43 percent. White voters are 85 percent, higher than they have been, while black voters have dropped to 10 percent of the requested ballots.

Among the nearly 20,000 returned and accepted ballots (19,930 total, as 27 percent of the requested so far), registered Republicans have taken their small percentage lead in these ballots as well.

Registered Republicans are 41 percent of the accepted ballots, compared to 37 percent for registered Democrats and 22 percent for registered unaffiliated voters.  Female voters are 54 percent, white voters are 85 percent, and black voters are 11 percent.

Following tomorrow's start to in-person early voting, I'll be shifting the emphasis of the blog posts to those votes, but will continue to track by the graphics the mail-in ballots, as this race continues to be the closest of contests at the U.S. Senate level.