North Carolina Political Scandals and Corruption Cases

Here's a preliminary list of political scandals and corruption cases that have plagued the Old North State, with the latest being allegations against the chair of the NC GOP and others in a bribery scandal involving a wealthy campaign donor (as of 3-8-2020):

Greg Lindberg political bribery scandal that took down Robin Hayes, NC Republican Party Chair (who has plead guilty)

NC Ninth Congressional District

Jim Black, a powerful NC State House speaker

Meg Scott Phipps, former NC agriculture commissioner from a prominent political family

Rufus Edmisten, former NC secretary of state

Mike Easley, former NC governor

John Edwards, former U.S. Senator from North Carolina

Frank Ballance, former U.S. Representative (First Congressional District)

Michael Decker, former NC State Representative

Thomas Wright, former NC State Representative

Stephen LaRoque, former NC State Representative

Deb McManus, former NC State Representative

Fletcher Hartsell, former NC State Senator

Rodney Moore, former NC State Representative (under indictment)

Garey Ballance, former NC District Court Judge

"Tape-Gate" involving a former NC supreme court justice and county Democratic party chair

Patrick Cannon, former mayor of the City of Charlotte

Wake County Register of Deeds

Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Director

Durham County elections worker

Brunswick County Attorney

Rockingham County District Attorney

Yancey County and its sheriff's office

Madison County and the Ponders-brother machine

Buncombe County and its sheriff's office

Two staff members to former NC House Speaker Thom Tillis

Bill Culp, Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Director

City of Southport Police Department

Tyrone Williams, former Fayetteville Councilman

Carolyn McDougal, former Dunn Councilwoman

If I'm missing any, please send me an e-mail to oldnorthstatepolitics at gmail dot com and I'll review the information (please send current links to webpages) and will consider adding them to NC's rogues' gallery of political scandals and corruption.