Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NC's Absentee Mail-In Ballots as of 9-28-16

North Carolina's absentee mail-in ballots continue to run ahead of where mail-in ballots stood four years ago.

A total of nearly 74,000 ballots have been requested, with registered Republican voters taking the lead in the total number of requested ballots, at 37 percent. Registered Democrats are at 35 percent of the total pool, and registered unaffiliated voters are 28 percent; registered Libertarians are less than one percent.

Among returned and accepted ballots, registered Democrats are 40 percent of those ballots, registered Republicans are 35 percent, and registered unaffiliated voters are 25 percent.

The return rate (accepted ballots by total ballots requested) show a registered Democratic voter rate of 15 percent so far, registered unaffiliated voter rate of 11 percent, registered Republican voter rate of 12 percent, and a total return rate of 13 percent.

A note: the following graph has been updated and corrected to incorporate 2012 absentee mail-in ballots that were requested not just by mail, but by fax and e-mail requests (many thanks to Dr. Michael McDonald at the US Elections Project for the review and working the numbers together). With those new comparison numbers, total accepted ballots are 113 percent of where the total number stood four years ago, with registered Democrats at 140 percent, registered unaffiliated voters at 148 percent, and registered Republicans at 81 percent.

Among those ballots requested and still not returned, the party registration breakdown is: