Friday, October 17, 2014

Ending the Week on Continued Rising Numbers of NC Mail-In Ballots

As we near the end of the third week before the general election, the numbers continue to climb in North Carolina's mail-in absentee balloting.

Among requested ballots recorded yesterday (Thursday), there was an 11 percent increase from the day before (Wednesday) to 58,574. The breakdowns for these requested ballots show registered Republicans maintaining their lead over registered Democrats:

Among the requested ballots so far:

  • 42 percent are from registered Republicans
  • 34 percent are from registered Democrats
  • 24 percent are from registered unaffiliated voters
  • 56 percent are from female voters
  • 84 percent are from white voters
  • 11 percent are from black voters

Republicans are heading back into their traditional advantage in mail-in absentee balloting in terms of the percentage of requests, but Democrats and unaffiliated voters are still significantly ahead of their same day numbers from four years ago.

Among those ballots returned and accepted as votes, 22 percent have been returned and accepted:

Among the returned and accepted ballots:
  • registered Democrats are 40 percent
  • registered Republicans are 38 percent
  • registered unaffiliated voters are 22 percent
  • Women are 54 percent
  • White voters are 83 percent
  • Black voters are 12 percent
The percentage increase from four years ago, with same day comparisons, continue to show Democrats and unaffiliated voters are substantially ahead, with Republicans slightly below their 2010 same-day number: