Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Diving Deeper into the Mail-In Data Pool

A question has been raised about this year's absentee mail-in voters and what they did in the last mid-term elections.  Courtesy of data files from the North Carolina Board of Elections, I was able to pair up and match voter records of those folks who have voted so far by mail in 2014 with information on whether they voted or not in 2010.

In a pie chart, here's the data:

Of the 30,000 requested mail-in ballots sent out so far, 22 percent are going to voters who used the same voting method in 2010.  Another 22 percent have gone to voters who showed up early to vote in person, while another 16 percent have requested ballots this year and who voted on election day in 2010.

A plurality--40 percent--did not vote in 2010's election but have requested mail-in ballots for this year's election.