Wednesday, November 2, 2016

North Carolina Absentee Ballots Near 2.2 Million

With another nearly 225,000 votes cast on November 1, North Carolina total absentee ballots have reached nearly 2.2 million, with nearly 2 million of those coming by in-person absentee ballots. Due to a busy work day, here's an abbreviated version of the post; more analysis to come later this afternoon.

This represents a nearly 10 percent increase over the same day in 2012 total absentee ballots.

The party registration break down among the two different absentee ballot types--mail-in and in-person--shows Democrats continue to have the overall lead among all ballots. Today, registered Democrats are 43 percent, registered Republicans are 32 percent, and registered unaffiliated voters are 25 percent of the total ballots cast.

However, registered Democrats are still slightly off their 2012 same-day totals, down now 2.1 percent. They have been slowly eating away at that deficit.

Meanwhile, registered Republicans are up 8.5 percent over their same-day absentee total ballots, and registered unaffiliated voters are 39.5 percent ahead of their same-day absentee total ballots from 2012.

In breakdowns by race:

White voters continue to be 72 percent of all absentee ballots in North Carolina, with black voters at 22 percent. White voters are ahead of their 2012 same day totals by 16 percent, while black voters are down 13 percent, and all other races are up 44 percent.

Women are 56 percent of the total ballots cast, with 47 percent of them registered Democrats, 30 percent registered Republican, and 23 percent registered unaffiliated. Among male voters, 37 percent are registered Democrats, 35 percent registered Republicans, and 28 percent registered unaffiliated.

The total accepted ballots now stands over 2 million:

Turning to the accepted in-person absentee ballots, nearly 2 million have come in as votes for the November 8 general election. This represents a 13 percent increase over the same day in 2012's early voting in-person period. 

Among the registered parties:

Registered Democrats are 44 percent of the accepted in-person absentee ballots, with 31 percent from registered Republicans, and 25 percent from registered unaffiliated voters. Registered Democrats are two percent down from their same-day 2012 totals, while registered Republicans are ahead by 17 percent and registered unaffiliated voters are 43 percent ahead of their same-day totals from four years ago.

The daily comparisons to 2012 are:

Among accepted in-person absentee ballots by race and party registration:

Finally, of the 2016 accepted in-person absentee ballot voters, their voting registration and voting methods from 2012 are:

More analysis to be posted later this afternoon.