Tuesday, February 27, 2024

You’re going to wait longer for March 5 election results, North Carolina

You're going to wait longer for March 5 election results in North Carolina.

The reason is buried in section 29, page 18 of Senate bill 747. It reads as follows:

Clear as mud, right?

Chris Cooper and Michael Bitzer reflected on what this new legislation might mean in practice in a short piece in the News and Observer/Charlotte Observer.

News and Observer Link: https://www.newsobserver.com/opinion/article285856706.html 

Charlotte Observer Link: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/article285856706.html 

The NC State Board of Elections put out a more detailed release on the same issue: https://www.ncsbe.gov/news/press-releases/2024/02/27/some-election-results-will-be-reported-later-usual-due-state-law-changes 

Andy Jackson from the John Locke Foundation also weighed in on the issue: