Friday, September 19, 2014

Update, as of 9-19-14, of NC's mail-in absentee ballots

This may start to sound like a broken record (is that still a viable comment nowadays with MP3s and iPods?), but the partisan trend in North Carolina's mail-in absentee ballots (early votes) has been holding steady for some time, and continues with today's data from the NC State Board of Elections' website.  There are 12,069 ballots that have been sent out, with 1,158 (10%) returned and accepted.

Among requested ballots that have been sent out, those ballots going to registered Democrats continue to be the plurality at 41%, while registered Republicans make up 36% and registered unaffiliated voters at 22%.

Women continue to outpace men in requested ballots, 55-44, while whites are 83% to 12% for black voters.  The average age continues at 63 years old.

Among those who have returned their ballots and those ballots have been accepted:

  • registered Democrats are 46%
  • registered Republicans are 36%
  • registered unaffiliated voters are 18%
  • women are 53% of returned & accepted ballots
  • men are 47%
  • white voters are 80%
  • black voters are 15%
  • all other races are 5%