Friday, September 26, 2014

A new twist on NC's mail-in ballots

The trends continue for the early absentee balloting by mail for North Carolinians in this year's general election, but we apparently need to add a new player to the game of requesting and returning & acceptance of ballots.

Overall, 15,590 requests have been submitted for mail-in early voting, an increase of 5 percent over yesterday's 15,147 total so far.

The plurality of requested ballots continues to come from registered Democrats (41 percent), while GOP registered voters are at 35 percent and unaffiliated registered voters are at 23 percent.  Women are 55 percent of the requested ballots, while white voters 83 percent (a slight tick up from yesterday) while black voters are 12 percent.  Based on the news from today, we included a special category for felines (currently 0 percent) and tabbies (also currently 0 percent). We will be diligent in making sure to watch for that all-important voter bloc of cats going into the future.

As far as 2,452 returned and accepted ballots go:

Again, Democrats are a plurality of these ballots (45 percent) to GOP's 35 percent and unaffiliated voters at 19 percent. Females are 54 percent, while whites are 80 percent and blacks are 15 percent.

With 40 days to go to Election Day, the trend lines continues over 2010's numbers, with Democrats seeing an 11 percent increase over their numbers from yesterday, GOP ballots increased 8 percent, and unaffiliated ballots increased 9 percent.

The numbers will be updated over the weekend, and then we'll return on Tuesday with the new numbers. Hope everyone has a good weekend.