Thursday, October 6, 2016

NC's Absentee Mail-In Ballots as of 10-6-16

Nearly 110,000 North Carolinians have requested absentee mail-in ballots through October 5, with 40 percent coming from registered Republicans, 32 percent from registered Democrats, 28 percent from registered unaffiliated voters, and less than one percent from registered Libertarians.

Among the returned and accepted ballots, registered Democrats continue to lead, with registered Republicans about 500 ballots behind. Registered Democrats are 39 percent of the returned & accepted ballots, 36 percent from registered Republicans, and 25 percent from registered unaffiliated voters.

However, registered Democrats and registered unaffiliated voters continue to over-perform in comparison to their same day cumulative totals from 2012: while the total number of returned and accepted ballots are 86 percent of where they were four years ago, registered Democrats are at 117 percent and registered unaffiliated voters are at 116 percent, compared to 59 percent of where registered Republicans were in 2012's same day cumulative totals.

Outstanding ballots continue to be dominated by registered Republicans:

Two additional pieces of information that this data can be analyzed for is the comparison to 2012 of 'mailed' absentee mail-in ballots (those ballots mailed by Board of Elections on the same date prior to the election for four years ago and this year) and the voting methods (or lack thereof) in 2012 of this year's mail-in absentee voters.