Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Brief NC Candidate Filing Update (updated regularly)

 by Christopher Cooper

Candidate filing in North Carolina began Monday, December 4 at noon and continues until Friday, December 15 at noon. This filing season is important--arguably more important in many cases than the General Election-- so I'm going to try to get in the habit of posting brief daily regular updates throughout this period for those who want to keep track of how the candidate fields are shaping up. These updates will be quick and the prose will be....unadorned.

Here's the update through December 13 (posted on December 14). 



 1606 people have filed thus far. Up compared to same day in 2019, but there were more days of filing then.


For Congress, 9 districts currently have contested generals (2 with Libertarians; 1 w/ Greens).

Republicans have contested all districts. Dems. have candidates in 8 districts thus far.

NC Senate

For the NC Senate, 36 Ds, 4 Ls and 42 Rs have declared.

Democrats are contesting 33 districts, 4 for Libertarians, and 39 for Republicans.

24 general elections are currently contested.

NC House


For the NC House, 99 Dems, 10Ls, 1 Gs, and 106 Rs have declared.

Dems are contesting 85 districts; Libertarians are contesting 10; Greens are contesting 1; Republicans are contesting 87.
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Still 1.5 days of filing to go. Lots can happen.