Thursday, December 29, 2022

Who Is In and Out for 2024 in NC Politics?

By Michael Bitzer

Updated: 3-27-23

Editor's note: well, since posting this on December 29, there's already updates to the spreadsheet. I'll be posted new dates in the above "Update" line whenever the spreadsheet is updated.

With the end of 2022's election cycle, thus begins the 'invisible primary' season for the 2024 election cycle and by all accounts, North Carolina will--once again--be in the competitive battleground state status. 

For those of us in the thick of NC politics, 2024 will bring a slew of election contests to the forefront: along with the presidential contest, all of the Council of State (read, state-wide) executive offices will be on the ballot, with several of them being open-seat contests (or having the potential to be an open-seat, with incumbents deciding not to run for re-election). 

As the rumor and polling mills begin to churn out possible candidates for various offices, we'll use this page as a "check-list" spreadsheet of those who are speculated/confirmed candidates for various state-wide offices that will be on the 2024 general election ballot, along with the source for the information.

You can access the spreadsheet here, which will be updated as more candidates consider and/or make their announcements.