Sunday, September 30, 2018

NC's Mail Ballots as of 9-29-18

As of September 29, 2018, the North Carolina mail absentee ballots so far are:

Requested: 23,762
Sent: 23,364 (98 percent of requested)
Returned and Accepted: 1,444 (6.1 percent of requested)

And by party registration for all three categories:

And by generation cohort of requested mail absentee ballots:

And each generation cohort's party registration:

In comparison to 2014's same day prior to Election Day, 2018's numbers are running significantly ahead in requested mail absentee ballots for both registered Democrats and unaffiliated, while registered Republicans are running slightly behind their same day totals:

And for accepted mail absentee ballots, all three major party registration groups are running behind their same day totals from four years ago:

The percentage of mail absentee ballots returned and accepted by party registration:

By congressional districts in the state, the NC 9th Congressional District continues to lead in the overall numbers of requested ballots, perhaps signaling the higher level of interest in one of the most competitive districts in the state:

In comparing how voters who have requested 2018 mail absentee ballots either voted in 2014 (or didn't) or were not registered in 2014 and their party registration:

Finally, looking at the gender differences among voters who have requested mail absentee ballots:

And then by regions within the state (voters who live in a central city and urban county, those who live outside the central city but within that same urban county, those who live in a surrounding suburban county, and then rural county voters):