Sunday, October 26, 2014

Third Day of NC In-Person Early Voting Nets Nearly 50K Ballots

North Carolina's third day of early, in-person voting netted nearly 50,000 ballots, making a total of 283,758 in-person early votes cast and accepted (reminder: these are accepted votes, and excludes the spoiled ballots that may not have correct information when submitted).

Of the 49,217 ballots cast in-person on Saturday, 49 percent came from registered Democratic voters, 30 percent from registered Republicans, and 21 percent from registered unaffiliated/Libertarian voters. Women voters are 53 percent, white voters are 72 percent, and black voters are 24 percent.

Among the cumulative three-day total of 283,758 ballots accepted as in-person early votes:

  • registered Democrats are 49 percent
  • registered Republicans are 30 percent
  • registered unaffiliated & Libertarians are 20 percent
  • women are 52 percent
  • white voters are 72 percent
  • black voters are 25 percent
In comparing this year's cumulative daily in-person early vote trend against the last mid-term election year of 2010:

As of this same day prior to election day, 2014's in-person early vote total is 82 percent of where 2010 was on the same day--but a reminder, there were 7 extra days of in-person early voting in 2010.  Both Democrats and unaffiliated voters are 91 and 90 percent (respectively) of their 2010 daily cumulative total at this point, while Republicans are 67 percent of their 2010 daily cumulative total as of this same date.

Of these voters who have cast ballots via in-person early voting as of 10-25-14 and how they voted (if they did) in 2010's mid-term election: