Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Down to the Last 3 Weeks in NC's Campaigning

We're down to the last three weeks of campaigning here in North Carolina, and the votes are coming in through mail-in absentee balloting.

Of the 48,625 requested mail-in absentee ballots in North Carolina so far:

Registered Republican voters are taking a more extensive lead, with 39 percent of the requested ballots to 37 percent from registered Democratic voters; registered unaffiliated voters are at 24 percent.  Female voters are still at 56 percent, while white voters are 83 percent of the requested ballots and black voters are at 12 percent.

Among the 9,952 ballots returned and accepted so far (a 20 percent return rate of those requested):

Registered Democrats continue their lead in this category with 41 percent of the accepted ballots, to registered Republicans at 37 percent and registered unaffiliated voters at 22 percent. White voters are 82 percent, black voters are 13 percent, and female voters are 54 percent of the returned and accepted ballots.

In comparing the same-day totals for returned and accepted ballots to the 2010 numbers:

Registered Democrats are 57 percent ahead of where they were this same day in 2010, while registered Republicans are slightly below (4 percent) where they were this same day; registered unaffiliated voters are 42 percent ahead of their numbers in 2010.